NEW! Makeup Geek Iconic Lipsticks

Is anyone else excited abut the NEW Makeup Geek Iconic Lipsticks or is it just me?

Makeup Geek recently launched 20 shades of highly pigmented colors in both matte and shine finishes and I can attest that with just one swipe, the colors come through vividly. The best part? There is LITERALLY a color out there for ANY and EVERYONE!

The packaging is absolutely luxurious with its sleek frame and gun metal tone and I feel that this can be easily mistaken for high-end lipstick brand. 

I will be uploading a video on my YouTube channel VERY soon showing a FULL LIPSWATCH of all the colors so make sure you're subscribed!

And for those wondering which shade are matte and which have shine, check out the list below.

‣ ‣ Offbeat (Shine) 

‣ ‣ Rare (Matte) 

‣ ‣ Candid (Shine)

‣ ‣ Naive (Shine) 

‣ ‣ Gullible (Matte) 

‣ ‣ Shy (Shine) ) 
‣ ‣ Proper (Matte) 
‣ ‣ Witty (Shine) 
‣ ‣ Giddy (Shine) 
‣ ‣ Savvy (Matte) 
‣ ‣ Spoiled (Shine) 
‣ ‣ Clumsy (Shiny) 
‣ ‣ Saucy (Matte) 
‣ ‣ Quirky (Matte) 
‣ ‣ Lively (Matte) 
‣ ‣ Vain (Matte) 
‣ ‣ Elegant (Shine) 
‣ ‣ Feisty (Matte) 
‣ ‣ Risque (Matte) 
‣ ‣ Shady (Shine) 

That's all folks! Which color is your favorite? Let me know in the comments and I'll see ya next time!