Do Your Homework

For some of us, school is very much a reality while for others, it is a distant memory. The latter no longer need worry about the standard exams, presentations and the oh so dreaded homework assignments given by teachers. And while this is very much true, homework is still an imperative part of one's growth and development that should be continued well beyond grade school, college and those continuing their education. 

I'm not talking about the typical math assignments from Chapter 3 of your textbook; what I'm talking about are the tasks you set for yourself on a daily/weekly basis in order to reach the goal you need to accomplish. This is essentially what homework is; This is homework for life and personal development. Everyone should do their homework no matter what moment of life you're in.

Have you ever had a time in your life where you've always wanted to do something but for some reason, you haven't gotten around to doing it or are constantly putting it on the back burner only to forget about it? Most people would answer yes to this question; if so, start your homework NOW! If you answered no, you're probably not thinking thoroughly enough about the things you need to complete.  For those having trouble, give yourself some homework or a goal to complete whether it being reading 10 pages a day, working out researching how to start a blog and start it now! There is always room for improvement and everyone should strive to be a better person then they were yesterday.

If any of you keep a list of New Years Resolutions, then that's a perfect place to look for your homework assignments. I myself still have tasks I need to complete such as:

  1. Joining a volleyball league

  2. Reach 100K on YouTube and

  3. Work from home full-time 

An additional goal I would like to achieve is to travel to Europe before the end of the year; I like to stress to myself the importance of travelling internationally at least once a year and Amsterdam has been on my mind for a hot minute but I also wanna go to London so that I can meet up with my YouTuber friends. So, I'm currently brainstorming ways to kill two birds with one stone. If you have any suggestions leave them below!

What homework assignments have you been working on or need to work on? What are you doing right now to complete your assignments? When is your homework due? I would love to know what you plan on doing to better yourself so lets keep this conversation going and let's get this homework done!