7 Photo Editing Apps for Bloggers

PicMonkey Sample1.jpg

1. Lightroom

This is one of my favorite apps to edit my Instagram and blog photos with. You can utilize Lightroom on your computer (if you have the Adobe Creative Suite) or you can use the free version on your phone.

2. Facetune

This is my ACE when it come to editing my photos for Instagram. There is so much you can do on this smartphone app: smooth, add detail, change the tone, remove blemishes and so much more. This app is not free but it is definitely worth it.

3. Snapseed

Before I used Facetune, was an avid Snapseed user. This app is great for selectively choosing a part of the photo to brighten, saturate or contrast if it doesn't match the rest of the image.

4. Pic Monkey

I used this a lot for editing my YouTube thumbnails. There is a free version but if you want a bit extra features, you'll have to pay a monthly fee. You are able to add so many cool graphics and text to your photos and do some basic color correction.

5. Photoshop

I have been loving Photoshop for editing my thumbnail pics for my YouTube videos as of late. You can overlay one photo on top of the next, color correct and so much more! There is also a free version available for smartphones but I used the software on my desktop.

6. VSCO Cam

Probably on of my least used apps. Many people rave about the filters (the best ones aren't free) but I believe you can achieve similar effects with Facetune.

7. Afterlight

This is probably the only app I haven't used but there are many good reviews on what this baby can do.

That's all I got for you today! Do you use any apps to edit your photos? If so, which are your favs? Leave me your suggestions in the comments!

Until next time.