7 Blogger Essentials

1.       Laptop

As someone who is constantly on the go, I need something just as mobile. Lighter than an actually desktop yet bigger than my phone, I can use my laptop to prep future blog posts or edit photos and videos. Every second counts and I want to be a productive as I can be no matter wherever I am.

2.       External Hard drive

Major key especially for creatives who need to back up their projects to another source. Don’t ever just depend on an SD card, or computer hard drive to protect your work; I can tell you many horror stories about how I lost some important footage. Learn from my experiences people!

3.       Camera

The life of a blogger revolves around cameras. People want now visuals with a side of words just like how people want a veggie burger with a side of fries (am I alone here?). Cameras will help your posts come to life and you don’t have to spend a butt-load of cash either; phones these days are taking some dope shots.

4.       SD Cards

Cameras and SD cards belong together so it was fitting that this be next on the list. There so many affordable ones out there and do a number of different things. I personally prefer having more than two (as backups) that are 32gb or higher for taking lots of photo and video.

5.       Planner

This may seem unimportant but trust me when I say that a planner is BAE. However you want to plan out your post whether it be via your phone calendar or an actually planner book (planner books are my FAV) will help you to keep track of your planned posts, schedule future posts and pencil in time with friends.


6.       Smart Phone

This may be obvious I know but it’s still worth mentioning. There’s lots you can do on a phone these days like draft up future blog posts, film videos, create gifs, checking your social media to engage with people and even doing some light photo and video editing which brings me to the next essential:


7.       Editing Apps

Creating visually appealing photos/videos are important if you want people to keep coming back to check for you nah mean? There are so many good ones out there that are free and before I post anything to social media, I always make sure that it’s.on.point. I plan on creating a future blog post discussing some of my favorite editing apps so subscribe to my newsletter so you can stay up to date on my future posts!.

Are you an aspiring blogger or nah? If, so, what are some of your blogger essentials? If nah, who are some of your favorite bloggers? Leave me your thoughts!


Until next time.