Makeup Geek Foiled Pigments

There is absolutely NOTHING bad to say about the new Makeup Geek Foiled Pigments!


  • 3 g/ 0.105 oz

  • $12 each

  • 12 Shades available

Although there are only 12 shades available, I am confident that Marlena will be expanding the collection.  The pigments are incredibly soft, rich and oh so pigmented! You will NOT need much and these will certainly last you a long time; you will get your monies worth and then some.

I find them to be different from other loose pigments because of the opening which is a hole in the center of the jar for dispensing the product. I don't find it to be a hassle really; all I need to do is tap a little bit on a clean flat surface and I am ready to apply my makeup! To be honest, it probably will get messy but that is the what to expect of loose pigments. If you want to prevent the pigments from ruining your makeup, apply the shadows before applying anything else and you're good to go!

My favorite shades definitely are: Voodoo, Supernatural, Enchanted, Firefly and Intermission. What are yours? Leave me your thoughts below and I will check you later!!!