Color Correctors | Battle of the Brands

Hello Everyone! I hope you are well :)

I'm calling this series "Battle of the Brands" because (1) I like the way it sounds and (2) this is a great way to see how different products work given the same conditions. Today is all about color correctors and I have tested out three:

  • Becca Cosmetics (Papaya)
  • Cover FX (Brick) and
  • LA Girl Corrector (Orange). 

These correctors are all different from price to size to color and consistency.

As far as consistency for instance, I feel the Becca corrector would be best best suited for normal to dry skin types because the finish is a bit too dewy for my liking. The other two work perfect for my skin in that regard. They all have different prices ranges as well from the most affordable corrector being about $1.99-$2.99 to the higher end product costing a whopping $30. The price wasn't much of a factor for me as was the lasting power of these babies so I applied each to different areas of my face and spent a day running errands and going to events in the scorching hot NYC weather.

Follow along with me in my latest video to find out which one comes out on top!

What is your go to corrector? I would love to know ESPECIALLY if you have oily skin like me! Please leave me your recommendations in the comment section and thank you in advance!

Until next time!