Jouer Long Wear Lip-Creme Liquid Lipsticks

It's been A WHILE since I've posted on the blog. Finally got the time to actually post something since I got a few days off work and I figured to do some swatches of the New Jouer Cosmetics lip Cremes. 

I picked these up at Generation Beauty last month and I'm just getting around to testing these out. The top three colors (Dahlia, Bronze Rose, Terra; photo above) dry to a matte finish and the top two (Dahlia and Bronze Rose) have a metallic sheen to them. I can get away without a lipliner but as far as Terra, I probably would use a dark brown lip liner. The lip toppers (Skinny Dip & Tan Lines) are BEAUTIFUL and I love the concept of applying a glitter atop your lips when you wanna switch it up from day to night. Aaannnnd to top it all off, these lippies smell like a dessert that I can't put my fingers on.

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Until next time, Jasmine.