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Waddup Peeps?!

I'm bringing you this new series on the blog called Beauty Bites where I give you a look into some new and up & coming makeup from brands you oughta know about.

The very first beauty bite is featuring a company I am all too familiar with: Sleek Makeup. Sleek Makeup sells affordable makeup products in the United Kingdom. The very first Sleek Makeup purchase I ever made was the highlight & contour kit (Purchased two years ago) which I still use to this day so you can image just how long their products last!

Sleek Makeup was kind enough to send me some of their new goodies to play around with and I want to give you a mini review on each item so leggo!

i-Divine Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette

I am a sucker for palettes so when I saw the i-Divine Palette in Storm 578, I almost melted! The colors in this palette are truly divine so I can see why they named it the i-Divine palette!

There are 12 colors in this palette with 3 matte shades (Calm Before the Storm, Eye of the Storm & Black Out) and the remaining 9 are a mix of shimmer/satin shades. At first, I wished there was an even mix of mattes and shimmers but after playing with them, I found myself not missing out on having extra mattes on deck. The price for this palette is $11.99 on the website. And in case you were interested in the specs, it is 12 x 1.1g / 12 x 0.03oz. 

The colors are crazy pigmented and apply as such also. For greater intensity, I spritz my brush with a makeup setting spray. I will be doing a few makeup looks featuring this palette on my YouTube channel so stay tuned!

Créme to Powder Blush

Next up are the creme to power blushes. I like the fact that they set into a powder finish because cream blushes don't work with my oily skin. The two colors featured are Gabera, which is a gorgeous orange shade especially on brown skin and Carnation which is a light pink shade; I feel this blush in particular is a bit too light for my liking but as a whole, that doesn't take away from the quality of these blushes at all. The price fore these blushes are $8.99. 

True Color Lipstick

Who doesn't love a good lippie?! These are the true color lipsticks and the price on these babies are $7.49 on the website. These babies are extremely pigmented and moisturizing. My favorites have to be Succumb which is a beautiful nude color; Although it is a tad too light, I feel it will work perfectly with a good brown lip liner. My second fav is Cherry because it is incredibly rich in color and is absolutely perfect for fall. Papaya Punch is cool also it's just that I don't find myself reaching for it as much.

Eau La La Liner

Last but certainly not least are the Eau La La Liners that I was able to try out. Noir is a black eyeliner where as Blue Moon is an absolutely gorgeous blue color. The price for these babies are $7.49 and they are extremely pigmented and creamy as well. I noticed that when I tried to removed both colors from my arm, it left a stain on my skin but it goes away after a day or so.

So that is a wrap for this beauty bite! I really hope you enjoyed learning about these babies and get an idea on how they would apply are deeper skin tones. Check out the Sleek Makeup website for more and If you would like to check out what I do on a day to day to day basis, check me out on Snapchat (MsJasmine Rose).

Until Next time peeps!