Hair Restoration Update [Month 6]

Hey Guys! This post is a bit late considering that I posted the video to my hair transplant update already on my YouTube Channel but I've been super busy at work. Posting to YouTube, my blog and all the other social media sites that I'm a part of can be difficult especially when you have a full-time job. I finally found time this weekend to sit down and write about these edges girl so leggo!

I had my 6 month follow-up appointment with Dr. Osei-Tutu on Thursday September 3rd 2015 at her Brooklyn office and she was pleasantly surprised at the progress my hairline was making considering that I haven't even reached a year into my recovery yet (February will be my 1 year mark). She also noticed how the donor area at the back of my head was almost non existent. I myself can't even see where it is because I got so much new growth covering it up.

After checking both my hairline and donor area she asked about the supplements I've been taking. I've been taking my Vitamin D, Biotin & Iron pills as well as Flax Seed Oil (which is similar to fish oil). I also mentioned to her that I am on my last bottle of Women's Rogaine foam that she provided me, which doesn't make me itch at all so I definitely recommend it. After giving my doc all the deets on my regimen, she actually gave me some great news! Once I'm done with the last bottle of rogaine, I don't need to take romaine anymore! I seriously thought I would have to use it forever but knowing that I don't have to makes me even happier! 

I feel so lucky to have found Doctor Osei-Tutu because, to be honest, when I decided to go through with the procedure, I had doubts that my hairline would grow back. I mean, I tried so many things that never worked and it was very discouraging for me.  I decided to try one more method of getting my edges back and I'm glad it was doctor Osei-Tutu to restore my faith and make me believe it was possible. Now, I have never felt more confident. I no longer fear the wind that used to exposed my hairline; I am no longer limited by the hairstyles I wear; most important, I feel confident knowing that I was able to share my experiences with all who are suffering with the same issues I had to deal with for so many years. I still have until February 2016 to see the full results but for now, it looks to be very promising!

I plan to continue on with these updates and next month I will be interviewing Dr. Osei-Tutu on my YouTube channel. If you have questions for her please leave them down below. 

Until next time. J