Afro Punk Fest Re-Cap


I'm really excited to share with you my Afro Punk Fest experience! After taking a 2 year hiatus from the festival, I decided to check it out once more and boy what an adventure it was!.

For those unfamiliar with Afro Punk Fest, it is a two day music festival at Commodore Barry Park (Brooklyn-Where else?) featuring some of the most unique artists of our time. There are three different stages (Red Stage, Blue Stage & Gold Stage (aka the Main Stage)) in which you can view various artists in the weekend lineup. Furthermore, there are some really cool food trucks outside of the park in case you get the munchies or souvenir shops in case you want something to remember the experience. 

The festival used to be free but as it gained more traction and followers, they began to charge for the event. For those folks who wanted free tickets however, they were able to volunteer their services in different ways. For my volunteer service, I worked with Habitat for Humanity raising awareness for affordable housing in NYC.

Although volunteers were supposed to get only 1 ticket for either Saturday or Sunday, Afro Punk provided all volunteers with tickets to both Saturday & Sunday for yourself and a +1!

For Saturday, I was able to go with my bestie, Marsha, whom already had her free tix, and we were super excited to see Lauryn Hill who was the main event for that night. Unfortunately, because Lauryn came on the stage late, her power cut off during her performance so we weren't able to experience much of her greatness. We still had a great time even though it was super crowded; Sometimes when it's very crowded, I get type anxious but I was actually good this time around. Below are some photos of Saturday.


Day 1 || Saturday

My experience on Sunday was definitely way much better; less crowds and an opportunity to try out a philly cheese steak from one of the food trucks. I decided to take Alain along with me since he's never experienced Afro Punk before; plus he is a big fan of Gary Clark Jr. & Lenny Kravitz who performed on the main stage that night. 

All in all, I had a great time at the festival and my favorites parts, aside from the music, was being able to see some really interesting fashion, makeup and hair. Can't wait for next year!

Day 2 || Sunday