Hair Restoration Update [Month 4]

I'm finally back with my much aticipated 4 month hair transplant update! I know how much all of you wanted to see this so I filmed it right away for you. I even included some close up shots of th transplant and donor areas. 

You all have noticed some thickness around my transplant area and I have seen the progress as well. Thank you all so much for all your awesome comments and most importantly, all the love and support you have shown me! If it's looking thick now, I can only imagine how it will look during my 6 month update!

The donor area (The back of my head) is something I've been self-conscious about recently. I hope that more hair starts growing around the scar. The scar is not huge but I would like better coverage in that area. I decided to two strand twist the loose natural hairs so that they won't tangle up. 

I started taking the Women's Rogaine foam on July 2nd 2015 after waiting a month to actually pick it up from my dermatologist; better late than never though right? I do experience less flaking and itching but it can, at times, itch like the dickens! I use this once daily at night right before bed.

I found water to be my hair's BFF during this time especially during these dogs days of Summer when my hair and scalp is the driest. I spritz my hair in the day time and seal/moisturize with a light oil like coconut oil.

Taking my vitamins for even optimal hair growth has been difficult for me. For one, I've never been a fan of swallowing pills and secondly, I forget to take them. If you have suggestions on how I can stay motivated and be consistent, please let me know in the comments!

For more info on this, check out my 4 month update video below and be sure to check out my progress pics below also! To view comparisons on my hair transplant journey, check out the previous blog posts HERE.

Until next time! J

(P.S. Stay tuned for a future giveaway!)