The Ultimate Ipsy Swag Bag!

Hello Everyone!!!

I was invited by Ipsy to attend an exclusive cocktail reception for Beauty Content Creators as well as Generation Beauty in Los Angeles California the weekend  of May 29th-May 31st. I felt that this was a sign for me to go to California  and I couldn't pass up this opportunity because I've always wanted to visit (and possibly live there) so I made arrangements to do so. I'm not sure how they discovered me but I am certainly NOT complaining! I spent the weekend with Patricia (Godzdesign1 on YouTube) and we had such a great time that weekend filled with food, fun and friends!

At the Ipsy Cocktail reception, we were presented with special badges that would allow us to attend Generation Beauty for free without having to stand on line. There was also an open bar, finger food, music, gif booths, free henna tattoos,good music and beauty bloggers galore! I was able to meet YouTubers I watch regularly such as Glam&Gore, Desi Perkins and Jackie Aina and so many more!!! My life is complete...

During the event Michelle Phan announced that the Ipsy studios will be open to beauty content creators who would like to film in a professional studio setting. The only requirement is that you need to have  5,000 or more subscribers. This new is huge for those living in close proximity of the studio I just hope that one day New York City will be next in line for a studio as well. Also, Generation Beauty will be in NYC for the first time in October and I'm kinda excited about it!

After the cocktail reception, we were all given a swag bag containing an assortment of drugstore, high end and new beauty/skincare products. Below are photos of everything I accumulated during the Generation Beauty weekend (mind you, I only went to Generation Beauty on Saturday. Special thank you to all the companies that were involved in making this weekend possible & memorable!

Which products would you like me to review first? leave me your comments! Also, be sure to check out my California vlog and i hope you have a wonderful blessed day! 

Until Next time,