Hair Restoration Update [Month 3]

My apologizes the for the late update on my hair transplant procedure. I made it into the NYX Face Awards, filmed my first challenge video and then I went to Los Angeles, California for the Ipsy/Generation Beauty event with my girl Patricia (aka GodzDesign on YouTube); I didn't have much time to devote to a blog post until now. I'm currently working on a California Vlog video going up on Thursday and I will try to show you all the goodies I got from the exclusive Ipsy event in a later blog post that will go up this weekend [crosses fingers]. But let's get on with this update shall we???

I visited my dermatologist, Dr. Osei-Tutu on Thursday May 21st for my 3 month follow-up post procedure. She stated that everything looked fine and was progressing very well. I mentioned to her that the area I apply the minoxidil solution has been itching incessantly and  she said that because I'm using the solution and not the foam, I will get a lot of itching due to the Propylene Glycol found in the liquid solutions. Dr. Osei-Tutu provided me with the monoxidil foam good for one month for my transplant area. I have yet to pick it up but as soon as I do, I will start using it and give you an update in month 4.

Looking back at older photos, I can now tell that my hairline is growing in slowly but surely; it looks like I have a lot of baby hairs...YAS GAWD! I have a trouble spot on the right side of my head that seems to be taking longer to catch up with the rest but I have faith that it will grow in eventually. I have been using my minoxidil every night and taking my vitamins regularly also (although, I did slack off with my vitamins while in LA but I'm gonna get back on it today!).

For my three month update video, I answered some questions that you all had about everything related to the procedure and although I can type it all out, I think it's best if you watch the video which I placed down below for you all. If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave them in the comments so that I can answer them for you!

Until Next Time,