Hair Restoration Update [Month 1]


So it's been almost 1 month to the day that I had my hair transplant procedure. So far, my recovery has been good. It's only a matter of time when I will see some progress. Below is a gallery of my journey thus far. I hope you can appreciate the fact that I am sharing something so personal with you all. I want to show people what I've been through and I also want to keep of record of my journey where I would be able to access it anytime.

QUESTIONS (From my Hair Secret Video) :

Genesis Eve Thomas  | Will you keep your locs? Yes. 

Locs Mermaidia | Can you share how we can cover up our edges at some point? Yes. I have a video how how can can do that HERE.

Quotidianlight | Will they need to cut your locs before the surgery or can they do it in a way that won't effect them? Yes, they shaved off a row of locs in the back but I got to keep them! There was no way to get around that.

Eunice Apia | Did you ever try to shave off the sides to see if it grows back? | I never tried it but I don't think it would have worked.

RHO1922 | How often were you retwisting your locs? | When I first started my locs, I would retwist them all the time and style my hair tightly. Now that my hair has gotten longer, I appreciate the fullness my new growth gives me and I now re-twist every 6-8 weeks.