California Dreamin'

Jasmine Rose

I'm over New York. Plain and simple. With over 20 years of living in this fast paced concrete jungle, I am ready to slow things a lot!

I've been having thoughts of moving either South to Florida (I hear Tampa & Orlando are nice) or out West to California (Southern California to be exact). 

I recently visited Florida in August and it was quite lovely; the people, the scenery the relaxed paced of traffic but I found the weather to be very unpredictable. It reached 100 degrees one minute and then thunderstorms came the next minute. Some folks were saying it was due to the hurricane season...that doesn't sound fun.

California, on the other hand, is uncharted lands for me. The closest I've been was Las Vegas but I don't think they are similar in culture and such. Oh, how much do I love California? Let me count the ways...

For one, it has gorgeous manicured palm trees lining various streets, which I feel adds a touch of the tropics and sophistication. 

Secondly, it doesn't snow in Southern Cali (or at least, I don't think it does). Me living and driving in NYC on two wheel drive while it's snowing is NOT an option for me. I can't tell you the amount of times, I've had to shovel my car out of several feet of snow only to discover that my battery has died from being in the frigid cold for far too long.

Thirdly, and I think the most important, are the various opportunities that are available to creatives; People who are interested in ANY form of art whether it be film, fashion, modeling, acting, photography, graphic design or anything else that allows you to develop and stretch your imagination. I feel that I would flourish in the sunshine state.

I've been trying to persuade Alain on considering moving to Cali one day. He's not totally sold on it because he's never been there either and he's concerned about the heavy highway traffic and high taxes. So, currently, I am planning a trip  somewhere in the downtown LA area. I've been using Kayak to develop an itinerary and I've been looking on AirBNB for affordable places to lodge in the area. We plan on going during the week of Valentines Day. I myself would like to see Cali during this time of year so I can see how LA is during the dead of winter.

I'm super excited for this trip and I want to see as much as possible. 

If you guys have any tips or suggestions about my Cali trip (i.e places to visit, free events, awesome thrift shops, cool beaches), definitely let me know in the comments!