Write On!

write on!

This is my second post and already I don't know what to write. Funny enough, when I was younger, I couldn't stop writing. I use to write short stories all the time. I also loved making them into book form and included illustrations with them. I was so proud of my work and would talk about it to anyone and everyone who would listen. In High School, I was even placed in Advanced Placement English and scored 99% on my English regents! For a moment, I thought my test was switched with someone else's but you didn't find me complaining about it though lol.

I can remember the instance where my interest in writing began to fade. During my first year of college, I was part of the head start program which required me to take summer courses; English 101 being one of them.

It was a highly intensive writing course and assignments were required of us each week. To top it off, the professor was.....well, kinda a bitch. I understand High School is totally different from the college experience but there was no easy transition...for me anyway. It was straight up critical thinking and analysis all day err day. Was high school supposed to teach me this or was I supposed to have already known? Maybe they taught those topics on a day I was absent because I didn't feel ready or prepared for that college English Class. My papers were proof of that.

Assignment after assignment, I kept getting 'C' average papers, which was a huge blow to my delicate ego. I started thinking to myself, If my professor doesn't think my writing is up to par, what are other people thinking? My confidence in my writing was at an all time low and I just couldn't care less about it from that point on.

Fast forward to the present moment, the idea of writing something makes me nervous; kinda like going on a first date and getting those butterflies in your tummy, not knowing what to say to the other person, trying to figure out if they likes you or not or if they'll call you for a second date...that sort of feeling. At the same time, the first date is exciting and unpredictable. The idea of sharing my stories and learning about new things for and about myself is a benefit.  And I totally accept that fact that I'm no Ernest Hemmingway or Jane Austin and that's cool; I can only be me and I won't pretend to be someone else (unless it's Halloween; then I'll make the exception). 

For those of you out there in internet land who can relate to my story, I say to you write on! Whenever I feel insecure about my writing, I always think back to one of my favorite quotes, "Growth comes at the point of resistance". If you get to a point you want to stop, that's the point where you need to go H.A.M! It's like working out; when you feel the burn and you want to stop, that's the point where you need to push yourself harder-only then will you see any results.

I recommend carrying around a small notebook and a pen. Sure there are more technologically advanced methods out there but there's no other feeling like a pen to paper. I feel a stronger connection to my writing that way. Also, you don't have to be grammatically correct when you write in your notebook either; freestyle and just let loose; then it won't feel like a chore.

For those of you with writers block, check out OneWord.com ; It's a great online tool to use when you get a brain fart like I do.

If you have any additional tips that you feel might help someone out, feel free to leave it the comment section.

Until next time,

Write On!

J ^_^